Thursday, June 12, 2008

Charity shop gems

I've just bought a wonderful book from a charity shop called Tit-Bits Book of Wrinkles: A Complete Library of Invaluable Hints on Every Home Subject. The book isn't dated, but I would imagine that it was published between the wars.

The first sentence is a corker:

Every housewife should systematically keep an account of all expenditure on food and general supplies and any other items that come within the scope of the housekeeping allowance.

I can just see the husband putting his pipe down and saying 'Sorry darling, but that's not within the scope of your housekeeping allowance.'

Aside from the dated attitudes, the book is actually extremely useful and I will definitely try some of the recipes and gardening tips. I won't, however, be employing the salt water enemas that are recommended in the medical section.

But best of all is this piece of paper, which has been used as a bookmark:

How times have changed.


The Poet Laura-eate said...

Gay-foam? The mind boggles!

Ms Baroque said...

Oh my God, I want one. If you weren't unemployed I'd say get that framed. Ir's great.

Hey, and you're totally getting stuck into the "leisured classes" lifestyle, aren't you! I read and weep...