Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Thank you Mr Robot

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Beth Roland said...

Re the effect of watching videos os self at a young age on ersonality development - I couldn't find anything on this, lots of similar topics, eg effect of watching videos (not of self) on gender identity etc. I also asked the OU librarians for help, but they didn't find anything either. They think it may be as yet an unresearched topic!

The best I could come up with was this Johnathan Cainer horoscope for virgo for 11th January 2007 (!):
"Hollywood has a lot to answer for. In the course of a two-hour movie it will cram in an entire life story - or relate a drama that lasted years. At an early age we watch such films and they make an impression on us. In our own unreasonable imaginations, we develop an expectation. We start to think that the story of our lives ought to progress at the same pace. We grow disappointed when things take longer. What you need to happen is happening... slowly. Give it more time - and meanwhile, relax."

Steerforth said...

I knew that there was a thin line between madness and genius, but not banality and genius. Cainer (noun or verb?)has succeeded where academia has failed!