Sunday, November 05, 2006


I've never been very good at 'crashing' at other people's houses. If I'm given a bedroom of my own and can freshen up the following morning, fine, but the thought of waking up on a sofa in an unfamiliar house fills me with dread. I also hate the prospect of having to make my way home with a crushing hangover.

However, when an evening out with some workmates turned into a major drinking session I was more than happy to accept a generous offer of a bed for the night. In the morning I woke up feeling a little the worse for wear and went to the bathroom. This is what I found...

Had I unwittingly ended up in a crack den? I was intending to have a bath, but after seeing the state of the carpet I decided not to bother.

I wish that I wasn't so suburban in my attitudes. When I'm in a busy restaurant surrounded by friends, downing flaming Sambucas, I think that I'm being terribly Bohemian. But once the alcohol has worn off, I turn into my mother and start tutting about the general level of cleanliness.

I don't suppose I'll change.

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Gonçalo Veiga said...

Haha! This is a funny episode! It has happened a few times to myself, and yeah, it's a bit strange. I remember once when I was at this person's how I tried all I could to avoid physical contact between me and the objects. Then again, I try to look at it as a bohemian, and think "Yeah, Bukowski and Modigliani did this too! It's cool!", but then again, if I notice these details, I'm not as pure as a true bohemian! ;)