Friday, August 27, 2010


I'm off to visit an old enemy. I'll be back in a week.

In the meantime, here is a small selection of bookmarks that have turned up during the last few days:

"Taken May 1922. With all best wishes, your affectionate cousin, John."

I was born too late to experience the Russ Conway phenomenon, but after watching this clip on YouTube, I'm now a fan. It's catchy (albeit in a Guantanamo Bay "Let's break their will to live" sort of way):

And on the back of the photo, you can see what Conway's fans liked to drink while they were tapping their feet to the syncopated rhythms of Side Saddle:

The postcard below has penetrated a new, deeper stratum of tedium. It's even duller than the ones in the book Boring Postcards:

And finally, my favourite of the lot. The back reads: "I don't think you've seen this before but it's moi last January with my evening's entertainment!"

He's a cheeky chappie (and if you're a Lost fan - doesn't he look like Charlie?).


Caroline said...

That postcard is probably terribly interesting to the people who make cast-iron fences (just the idea makes me shudder).

Russ Conway actually doesn't look as strange in the video as he does on that picture. And here we were thinking Photoshopping was an invention of the last two decades.

Martin said...

Russ Conway's medleys used to bounce off every wall of the house, until we stopped him in his tracks with The Fab Four.

Grey Area said...

as euphemisms go - 'Visiting an old enemy" is up there with the greats - although I personally prefer 'Seeing a man about a dog' I shall endeavour to crib that one.

It could mean anything from a weekend with the in-laws, an episode of manic depression, a flare-up of Herpes or some personal time with your hemorrhoids.

Hopefully it's something more benign.

Anonymous said...

Russ Conway - and Billy Cotton too! That took me right back to my childhood - I must be wee a bit older than you. I have this vague memory that Side Saddle was written for Princess Anne.

Roger said...

It would be interesting to know which books they werein.

Anonymous said...

Come back!