Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photographic Evidence

A word of advice: never buy shares in the bookmark industry, if such a things exists. Nobody uses them. During the last few months I have come across one object that was specifically designed as a bookmark. The remaining 99% have been scraps of paper, newspaper cuttings, tickets, leaflets and photographs. I feel like a detective, sifting through pieces of evidence. Here are this week's clues:

On the back of this photo, someone has written "Early Mills. Witney. Aug 1938". It is a great picture and I'm not sure if this reproduction does it justice. Apparently welding excites some people. When I worked at the original Waterstone's in the mid-90s, a man stormed out of a Fay Weldon event because he'd been under the impression that the evening was about welding.

They say that there is someone for everyone and I think that this picture supports that view.

This is a weird photo. The distance and perspective makes it look as if two extremely small teddy boys are fighting in a tiny stream. This looks a little like one of those Victorian fake 'elves captured on camera' shots. Or maybe not.

It's sobering to think that this little girl has probably lived a whole life and died of old age many years ago.

A medal, but from whom and for what?

Finally, an enigmatic piece of advice that has a slightly disturbing undertone:

What does Roy do? Is there a laying on of hands, or a simple cup of tea? The one thing that life has taught me is to never trust people called Danny or Roy, so I would approach the caravan with some trepidation.


JRSM said...

The end of this post induced such loud laughter that I didn't hear my dog knocking at the back door, and so had to clean up a puddle of vomit in the kitchen. Let's see Roy sort that out!

Steerforth said...

That's the beauty of the internet!

Harry Tournemille said...

The fact you find these articles on a regular basis is a source of great envy for me.

Grey Area said...

"...a man stormed out of a Fay Weldon event because he'd been under the impression that the evening was about welding"

...you can't just leave that hanging in the air, WE MUST KNOW MORE!!!

Steerforth said...

I'll reveal the full story later.

Lucille said...

Look, I'd like to sort all these mysteries out for you but a new router has arrived and I have got unplug the whole kit and caboodle and reassemble it all in a new speedy souped up way before my husband finds out that I took matters into my own hands with the Technology. I'd also like to share with you my collection of purpose made bookmarks. Not one of them has been anywhere near a book.