Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where have all the customers gone?

I saw this shop earlier today:

I have a horrible feeling that the gentleman in the doorway is the owner.

I revisited Hastings today, on the way back from a magistrates' training session. I decided to reassess my earlier remarks about the physical attributes of Hastings' citizens, as my wife said that they were rather unkind. I'm afraid to say that today's visit only confirmed my views. I don't think I've ever visited a town with so many malformed people and when I walked along the street, I felt like a freakish giant.

I think Hastings desperately needs a university and a decent rail link to London, if only to improve the gene pool.


Anonymous said...

You should have come up to Clive Vale - or Hastings Arms on a Saturday night, honest there really are some nice looking people! Have to say though on my only visit to Lewes, we went for a coffee and found the cafe full of gorgeous 18 year olds, actually studying! Was v. impressed, and will take daughter to visit in um, 13 years or so.

Grey Area said...

That's the man from Scarlett Antiques - did you actually go inside - it's wonderful!!!, I could spend hours in there - although I think Health and Safety might not be too keen.

The Hastings Throwback problem dates back a few years to when the council was encouraged to pack hundreds of life's losers into B&B accommodation from across the South - and as such Hastings and St Leonards became a human dustbin.

That chunk of St L. is very 'colourfull' - lets just pretend it's like Notting Hill 30 years ago...

I live in Hastings and am a perfect physical specimen, I know because my doctor told me I fill every medical criteria laid down by the government - apparently my BMI is so perfect it make me a freak of nature.

You are, of course - 100% right about the transport, but the new College will make a huge difference from October onwards.

Can Bass 1 said...

And what about a cathedral? (Oh, I see you want to improve the gene pool - scrap that.)

Art said...
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Steerforth said...

Art - why did you remove the post? I thought it was a really interesting article and appreciated the link.

Tattyhouse and Richard - I did see a lot of interesting, Bohemian-looking people in Hastings. Who knows, maybe I saw you ;)

Can Bass 1 - anyone who lists E.J.Moeran on their profile is a welcome here. Did you know that Barry Humphries' favourite piece of music is Moeran's Violin Concerto?

The Poet Laura-eate said...

I take Mrs Steerforth's point about kindness, but you'd think he could at least have a bath, change the oil on his hair and wash the wee out of his trousers once in a while.

Antisocial if you ask me, never mind for someone trying to run a business/presumably attract customers!