Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The dog it was that died

During a brief visit to the Bluebell Railway this morning, I saw one thing that made a much bigger impression on me than the wonderfully restored steam engines: a stuffed dog.

I'm not an expert on taxidermy, but it was hard to imagine a dog being more competently stuffed. The coat still looked fairly healthy and I was particularly struck by 'London Jack's' serene, almost philosophical expression.

Later, with my appetite whetted, I searched on the internet to see if there were any museums of taxidermy and the first item I came across mentioned a museum in Brighton, only seven miles away! Kismet.


Paul M. Cray said...

I recall there is a stuffed dog at Slough railway station, so there is something of a railway/taxidermy theme in evidence.

Charlotte said...

Those squirrels are fantastic. Thanks for sharing them.