Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Postcard from 1977

Yesterday, I found this postcard. It looks as if it's addressed to someone called called 'Mandy Smell', but I think that's just the handwriting:


having a smashin' time, weather not too good though. Plenty of fellas, but Wayne is the star attraction so far. lots of entertainment every where and me and Eun will probably go in for Miss Blue Waters.Warners is next door so we gate crash that as well.

See ya soon

Natalie and Eunice xxxxxx

I wonder if Natalie or 'Eun' won Miss Blue Waters. I can see them now, gyrating to the top hits of 1977 - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie, So You Win Again and I Feel Love - hoping that Wayne will notice them. 

Did the evening end in a 'slowie', to Rod Stuart's I Don't Want to Talk About It? We'll never know,


Martin said...

Ah, the saucy postcards, how I love them. Although I could find myself in trouble with the PC police, for admitting as much.

Steerforth said...

I love saucy postcards too, although this one comes from the period when they were becoming increasingly crude - rather like the Carry On films after 1970.

Rog said...

The men always had beads of perspiration flying off their head which you rarely see these days outside LibDem selection committee meetings.

MikeP said...

Yes, they started to feature sweat and slobber about then. Donald McGill was Rembrandt by comparison!

Murgatroyd said...

Hahahaha - what a superb pairing of picture & message.
Rog - I shall never be able to look at a LibDem candidate again without being reminded of these postcards!

Steerforth said...

Rog - Very true - the LibDems have a lot to sweat about. I say bring back Jeremy Thorpe - he's still alive and can't be any worse than the current incumbents.

Mike - Yes, the postcards were getting pretty horrible by then and why the hint of nipple in the one above? It turns what could have been a saucy seaside postcard into something a little darker.

Murgatroyd - I find it hard to look at most politicians these days without being reminded of something they'd rather we forgot.

Annabel said...

Very 'Fat Slags', although Viz didn't start til later if I remember correctly. Eunice - that's a name you don't hear very often these days.

Steerforth said...

Viz was early 80s, I think. I can't remember when the Fat Slags first appeared, but it was uncannily like a few evenings I spent at a nightclub in Carmarthen. I loved the way they ate chips while they were having 'a bit of nookie'.