Friday, December 17, 2010

Glad to be Grey

There are many reasons why Grey Area is one of my favourite blogs. I particularly enjoy the fragments of conversations that the author overhears in shops and on trains.

Today's post is particularly wonderful:


Grey Area said...

Oh - crikey, wasn't expecting that - thank you... I'd also like to ask any readers indulgence - I'm still fighting a lifelong battle with dyslexia and the jagged red lines that the spellchecker throws at you just make it worse....

Anonymous said...

That is brilliant, thanks for the link. Such a good portrait of society at this moment in time. The Americanised over-familiarity that's creeping in is particularly depressing to me. Here in Aberdeen I also eavesdrop and sometimes post my "Overheards". A recent one was a 20s-ish woman on the bus, talking on her mobile: "So who was the guy who knifed ya? Aye? Facebook him!"
This left me wondering whether knifing has just become a common social interaction, or whether "to Facebook someone" is now slang for an unspeakable deed. Or ...?