Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Happiest Day?

A lot of the books I deal with at work must come from house clearances, as I keep finding wedding photographs hidden amongst the piles of book club editions and eight-volume sets of "The Illustrated War News".

I used to think that all wedding photos looked the same, apart from the changing fashions. But I was wrong. In the post-1960 pictures, everyone looks genuinely, almost desperately happy, but in the older photographs it's interesting to see that there are quite a few dissenters. Take this picture, which I found yesterday:

I can see a rather unhappy father, a relieved bride, a mother keeping up appearances and a sister and brother who have witnessed the whole sorry business. Here's a close-up:

A great photo, but my favourite is still this image, which I posted a couple of months ago:

The face of a condemned man. I wonder what happened next?


Hannah Stoneham said...

I dread to think, but he doesn't look too happy.

Richard de Pesando MA(RCA) said...

She's wondering what colour curtains for the lounge - he's wondering where to get a bath of acid....

The Poet Laura-eate said...

I suppose they had a little more choice in the 1960s, a few more career/contraceptive choices for women and a little less social/financial pressure all round to contend with.

Marriage for love was a luxury few could afford until surprisingly recently (unless they really were lucky) long though the ideal of 'love' and finding 'the one' may have existed.

Adam said...

Poor bastard looks comatosed thinking 'what have I done?' Maybe they'd just had sex? Reminds me of my father.A future penal/penile servitude!