Monday, April 12, 2010

What Men Want

If you've ever wondered what men really want, I have the answer - courtesy of a late-1950s thriller omnibus:

Never mind those literary novels written by bespectacled milksops. We want our books to be vigorous and virile, with lots of weapons, heaving bosoms and double-crossing foreigners.

I feel quite ashamed that I had never heard of this "oustanding publishing triumph" until now.


Lulu said...

What's a virile book? Would I become pregnant if I read one?

Brett said...

Reminds me of an old American men's magazine, Argosy, and also of a scene in the film, The Graduate, in which Benjamin visits a fraternity house, looking for Elaine, encountering buff, showering, anglo-saxon jocks, and he an intellectual weenie.

I had such a shock of recognition, viewing that scene.

Steerforth said...

Me too.

David said...

Reading that makes me quite indignant (absurd, I know, at this disatance). Who are these fools to lay down what "men" prefer to read? Grrr.

I had a similar experience - only kind of from the opposite direction - when I was 9 or 10 and read and enjoyed "Apple Bough" by Noel Streatfield then saw afterwards, in the blurb, that it was recommended "for girls aged...". Why do they do that? It was as if someone was telling me I ought not to have read it.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Viagra in book form? Wow.

Mind you would such an Alpha male as described on the jacket blurb need his reading drug of choice to be 'low cost?'

I mean he'd have a high-powered job wouldn't he?

Steerforth said...

Lulu - You could be right. Perhaps the protective plastic covers serve an entirely different purpose.

David - I loved the Naughtiest Girl series and, like you, felt perplexed when I discovered that I wasn't meant to read them. I remember feeling slightly silly, but I shouldn't have.

Laura - you're quite right, unless tight-fistedness is deeply macho.

Lulu said...

You boys are also not allowed to read the likes of Cecelia Aherne. You lucky, lucky lads.