Monday, April 05, 2010

Crossing the Line

I've often thought how strange blogging is. We have interesting, meaningful exchanges with complete strangers on the internet, but there is never any question of meeting in real life.

Last week, I crossed the line from cyberspace into real life and met fellow blogger Oliver at The Lewes Arms. The result was a rather alcoholic but very enjoyable evening and I was grateful to The Poet Laura-eate for putting us in touch with each other.

Several people have observed that when they met fellow bloggers, it was comforting to discover how similar the real person was to their blog. On the strength of last week's meeting I'd certainly agree, although the real Oliver was even more interesting and entertaining than his blog.

I should probably have held back a bit on the beer. I've spent the last month on a strict low-carb, no alcohol diet and as a result, a small chocolate liquer will now have me singing "Danny Boy". I think I may have bounced off a few walls on the way home, but it was a good night out.

If you ever have the chance to meet a fellow blogger, I'd recommend it.


Caroline said...

I absolutely agree!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

I am honoured to be the instrument by which two highly erudite and witty beings/fellow bloggers should meet.

Sorry for forgetting to each tip off that the other one was allergic to beer and could they please respect this by ordering soft drinks all night? I fear a misunderstanding may have ensued... ;-)

Ollie said...

Yes, it was a very enjoyable night out, Steerforth. A fine chap you are!

It was interesting to me that we spent almost no time talking about blogging, the internet or the virtual world, at least as far as I can recall.

We are both really rooted in the real world and our blogs are journals, only open for all to see.

The drawback of the virtual world is that you can't get a decent of Harvey's Best Bitter or Guinness!

Annabel Gaskell said...

I agree too. There's actually a bookbloggers get-together happening in London in early May. Simon T at Stuck in a Book is co-ordinating.

Thomas Hogglestock said...

I met one in Bangkok and had a great time. I would love to hook up with the London area group that is hooking up on May 8th (via Stuck in a Book) but alas, the house purchase will keep me from popping over for it.

But to you fellow bloggers out there, consider this an open invitation to say hello if you find yourself in Washington DC.