Friday, August 14, 2009

Iran Before the Revolution...

I found this by chance. It's a lovely song and the singer - Googoosh - was the most successful Iranian singer of her time. In 1979, the new revolutionary government banned her from performing for 21 years. In 2000, she resumed her career with a series of sell-out concerts in America and Europe.

I've no idea what the song's about, but she keeps saying 'Kushti' - a word that will be familiar to viewers of Only Fools and Horses.

During the long orchestral introduction, Googoosh obviously feels a bit of a lemon and does that 'I'm not dancing but I'm not standing still either' swaying that singers often do while they're waiting for their cue.

It's a great pity that the ayatollahs silenced her for so long.


Lucille said...

Kushti : from the Persian word for happiness.

But also a super squishy cushion filled with tiny polystyrene beads useful for long car journeys (but not for the driver).

Steerforth said...

Thank you. It's a lovely word.

It would be even better if I didn't see David Jason in a flatcap when I said it.