Sunday, August 09, 2009

Home Alone

This is as near as I get to live blogging - this photo was taken five minutes ago. I've cropped the rotary dryer, as that would slightly ruin my pretensions to be a bon viveur. I wish I could add sound and odourama, but you'll have to imagine the cries of seagulls and smell of barbecues.

I have the house to myself for two whole weeks. My wife has taken my sons to stay at their grandmother's house, where they will have a large garden to play in and a beach that is only three minutes' walk away.

I will miss them, but I will also enjoy the opportunity to lead a completely self-indulgent life for a couple of weeks. I have a stack of DVDs to watch - this year's theme is British 'B' movies of the 1960s - and a copy of Barnaby Rudge, which vies with The Mystery of Edwin Drood as the least poular Dickens novel.

I shall also be following the BBC Proms. Last night's live performance by the National Youth Orchestra of Lutoslwaski's Concerto for Orchestra - a notoriously difficult work - was exhilarating.

But tonight, I shall be enjoying things like this:


The Poet Laura-eate said...

I'm currently enjoying two DVD's of all British public information films from 1950s-1990s from Amazon. Most interesting and illuminating they are too. Seems our government doesn't care about us half as much these days as it did in the 70s.

Hope you have an enjoyable couple of weeks peace and quiet Steerforth. You of all people should have no trouble amusing yourself (even without the wine!)

Grey Area said...

That's how us singletons live anyway, I suspect that after 2 weeks you will have changed the locks, let your hair grow - and gone sub-Withnail feral, crawling to the front door every morning through a mellange of empty bottles, unopened junk mail, Pringles tins and tattered paperbacks.

I think it's amazing that EBTG had two totally different and yet brilliant phases to their career - just at the point they had been written off as last decades earnest poppy indie balladeers, they come back as something totally fresh and original and contemporary. Who else can you say that about?