Monday, June 15, 2009

Lost and Found

More impromptu bookmarks and images that caught my eye during the last few days.

To begin with, you may remember that last week I was bemoaning my disastrous, life-threatening trips abroad. I have now found the perfect solution:

This photo fell out of a 1930s copy of Peter and Wendy. As usual, there were no names or date, but the quality of the colour and hairstyles suggest the mid-1960s.

Another utterly beautiful engraving from an utterly worthless children's book.

This is part of a poem that fell out of a book on wildfowl. I haven't reproduced the whole poem, but I'll happily send you a copy (or even the original).

Gary Cooper, from a 1946 filmgoers' annual. A surperb portrait with a strikingly contemporary feel to it.

I saw a shirt like that in Primark.

1 comment:

depesando said...

That poem is wonderful, it reads like very early Andrew Motion - before he lost his touch, I demand you reveal it to the world in all it's awful glory!!!