Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Treasure in the Attic

I was searching through my mother's loft earlier this year when I found this carrier bag:

The fashions would suggest that the design comes from around 1974, but given that retailers weren't exactly chasing the zeitgeist in those days, it could have been as late as 1979. Imagine the stigma of carrying your Buzzcocks album around in this bag.

I'm quite tempted to sell this on eBay, but I can't find a suitable category for carrier bags.

Perhaps I should buy some flares and walk around town with my Woolworths bag.

I already have the sideburns.


Unknown said...

Nice to see a flute up front there - surely this puts it firmly in the era of Jethro Tull?

Steerforth said...

Or James Galway?

Ms Baroque said...

Collectibles. Double the fortune, now they're bust. The V&A once ha an exhibition of shopping bags, all sorts - that was twenty years or so ago, but a very interesting idea that's stayed with me. Go for it!

Tim F said...

What's nice about those bags is that the images are clearly meant to hint at specific performers, but not so closely that there might be some copyright/IP issue. As David says, the flute suggests Jethro Tull; the guitar heroes at bottom left might be Status Quo; the woman in the middle - Sandy Denny? And is that Jim Croce or maybe Frank Zappa at the back with the tache.

Boots, which also sold records, had a very peculiar bag - a sort-of Marc Bolan figure, in a blue and purple pointillist style.