Friday, February 03, 2012

More Adventure Girls

More plucky 'gels' from between the wars, this time with the original captions:

"Passage." He said. "Under town to desert"

The blacks showered down spears and boulders upon the narrow shelf.

She alighted on a roof and clung to the chimney

I love these girls' annuals illustrations (in a wholesome way), but it's the captions that complete the enjoyment.


Martin said...

They're great, aren't they. I'm particularly fond of the last in the sequence. "Girl on pot, thought she could fly."

zmkc said...

They are wonderful. And, without the benefit of the full text, it's virtually impossible to imagine how the various characters arrived at the situations they are shown in.

Steerforth said...

Martin - That's much better than "After a night on the tiles..."

zmkc - If I was one of those English teachers who inspired their pupils (as opposed to the ones who either pleaded unsuccessfully for mercy, or those who threw objects at the children), I'd use pictures like these. I can already see an Indiana Jones-style narrative thread emerging from the three illustrations.

Lucy R. Fisher said...

I wonder if the top picture was drawn using one of those wooden poseable figures?

Steerforth said...

It certainly looks like it.

As for the second picture, I think mescaline was involved.

Anne said...

I love these covers. It makes me giddy to think of the minds who thought up these situations.

*Off topic:
What would Derek have made of Mitt Romney? (And the story of Sean, the Irish setter on the roofrack?)

Anyway, what happened to Derek, and are you going to write a biography? For too long we have had biographies only of famous people. Archaeology and history have finally woken up to ordinary people; time for biography to catch up with reality television.

Steerforth said...

I'm afraid that I had to leave Derek's diaries behind when I left my last job - they weren't mine to keep and I don't have the storage. I did think of sending them to the Mormons, but the cost would have been too high. I hope no-one's thrown them away.

I have a horrible feeling that Derek would have approved of Mitt Romney, judging by the political views he expressed in his diaries.

I'm terrified by the propspect of an American president whose world view is informed by eschtalogical beliefs. No 'end times' for me, please.

Little Nell said...

Perhaps she was on pot. No, that doesn’t stack up!

Steerforth said...

If this blog had sound, I'd be doing a drum roll.