Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Hitler on the Bus

I don't usually recycle images from Facebook, but just in case there's anyone who hasn't seen this yet...

It was taken on a bus in Plymouth and has, to use the modern parlance, gone 'viral'.

Several wags have commented on how Eva Braun hasn't aged as well as Adolf, whilst others have talked about the buses running on time.

It's almost as good as Cats That Look Like Hitler:

But I think that the top spot still belongs to the 'Hitler House', in Wales:

This post was carbon-neutral and 100% recycled.


Rog said...

It's amazing how evil dictators gradually become reduced to figures of fun and almost pity.

Hitler, Thatcher, Prescott....

Camilla said...

Rog: Or Kim Jong-Il singing 'I'm so ronery' in Team America, or the 'Loneliest Dictator' ad by Nando's.

I think ridicule is a way people defuse horror. It's a sort of cousin to fox-hole humour, I think.