Thursday, March 22, 2007

Self aware

I feel increasingly disinclined to write about novels as there are so many first-rate blogs with thoughtful, incisive reviews. My latest discovery is John Self's Asylum, which will be dictating my reading habits for the next few months. Top of the list will be Richard Yates' Young Hearts Crying, which Mr Self rates more highly than Revolutionary Road.

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John Self said...

Thanks for the link! It sounds as though I am raving about pretty much everything I read at the minute, but I'm just having a good run. February by contrast threw up very little that really grabbed me.

Yates, Yates... Really my ranking of his stuff could vary day by day, but yes, the top three would probably always be RR, Young Hearts Crying and Cold Spring Harbor. Not that he ever wrote a bad book, or even a mediocre one.