Monday, March 19, 2012

Five Forgotten Gentlemen

I found a photograph today, nestled between pages 118 and 119 of a Victorian novel called 'The Old Helmet', by Elizabeth Wetherell. The picture was in such a dreadful state - torn, creased and discoloured - that I was tempted to throw it away.

But one hour later, after enduring the tedium of Photoshop Elements, the image suddenly came to life:

It looks like the 1890s to me. I should know - I was there only the other week.

I wonder what Creese's Oatmeal Stout tasted like?


lucy joy said...

I bet it tastes nothing like WKD Blue.
Should this picture appear on one of the gentlemen's Facebook pages, I wonder if the caption would read; "me + the boys getting warmed up for the stag do, LOL!"

Poetry24 said...

Great photograph, Steerforth. Am I correct in thinking that Creese's brewery was in Hyde, Manchester?

Sarah said...

It's funny how they wore their hats sitting on top of their heads in those days, instead of over their ears.

Steerforth said...

Lucy - It's a nice idea. I've seen a retro 70s-style version of Facebook. Perhaps they should do one for the Victorians.

Martin - I've just found this:

"The brewery was founded in 1901 in Hyde and had 60 pubs by the time it was taken over by Walker & Homfrays in 1929; the site was finally closed in the 1960s."

So it's the 1900s.

Sarah - I'm also struck by the fact that they loved their moustaches. Imagine the stir a hatless, clean-shaven man must have caused.

Anonymous said...

Men almost always wore a 'tache until after the Great War when so many were shaved off due to the lice they countered in the trenches etc.