Thursday, November 04, 2010

Wikio's Top Literary Blogs - a sneak peek

To my complete surprise, "The Age of Uncertainty" has appeared in Wikio's Top 30 Literary Blogs. I suspect the reason for this sudden promotion has nothing to do with literature and everything to do with this post about a Victorian photograph album, which someone then posted on Boing Boing.

This photo proved to be particularly popular:

I shall be forever indebted to this terrifying family.

As my ranking will probably crash back down to no.1,037 next month, I'll make sure that I enjoy this brief moment of blog fame.

Here are the other blogs in the list, which is published tomorrow:

1Crooked Timber
2Charlie's Diary
6An Awfully Big Blog Adventure
7Stuck In A Book
8Savidge Reads
9Reading Matters
11Pepys' Diary
12A Don's Life - Times Online WBLG
13The Book Smugglers
15Just William's Luck
16dovegreyreader scribbles
18My Favourite Books
19Book Chick City
20Elizabeth Baines
21Vulpes Libris
23The Good Books Blog
24The Age of Uncertainty
25A Common Reader . . .
26Other Stories
27Joan Lennon
28Harriet Devine's Blog
29The Book Whisperer
30Baroque in Hackney


Ranking made by Wikio


Jim Murdoch said...

1037? I'm jealous. My highest raking so far as been 3829. I would really love to know what I need to do to attract more readers. Not that I'm doing badly but when I look at the content of some of the sites in the Top 30 I do wonder. I mean good luck to them and all that.

Anyway, well done you. Don't let my sour grapes spoil your 15 minutes of fame.

Steerforth said...

It's all down to hits. Why two blogs of equal worth get vastly different numbers of hits is a complete mystery to me, unless there's an easily discernible factor, like being linked to popular sites like Metafilter and Boing Boing.

My brief appearance on this list is down to pure luck.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Well deserved indeed.

I daredn't even look up my rankings. Then again, I'm a far lazier blogger, aside from being less than literary on occasion.

By the by, on the subject of spooky Victorians, you must catch the new Burke & Hare film - more entertaining than it should be, given the content!

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations! You completely deserve to be on that list, in my opinion.

Modern Life is Rubbish said...

Ah - well done, and I suspect that photograph will populate many nightmares in the years to come...

Martin H. said...

There's a nice balance to this blog, Steerforth. Don't sell yourself short. The Age of Uncertainty is probably my blog find of the year, so far.

Jack said...

You post of the Victorian pictures and the Aadams family got me here, but the rest of the very interesting content of your blog and your thoughtful entries keep me coming back.

I would love to know who that family was and how the picture came to be.

Kath said...

Congratulations and well done. I believe once those who found you thru boing boing will be back...great blog...all the time.

Steerforth said...

Many thanks for the kind comments. It's great to know that the photos and diaries I find can gain a whole new lease of life in the blogosphere.

MikeP said...

I have time on my hands, being stuck at home with a virulent bug, so I ploughed through the other 29 on that list. One or two I knew already, in particular the estimable dovegreyreader, but I have to say that with few exceptions these blogs are irritatingly self-serving, or pompous, or unpleasant to look at, or just plain dull. So no, don't do yourself down - your blog ticks all the boxes, being none of the above!

Shelley said...

"I shall be forever indebted to this terrifying family"!

Enjoy the honor: you deserve it.