Saturday, December 09, 2006

Full Moon

At last, NASA have finally been given the go-ahead to build a base on the moon. Previous US administrations rejected the idea on the grounds of expense, but the money that has been spent on Iraq since 2003 could have built several bases on the moon.

America needs outer space. Historically, the country has a frontier mentality and its nationhood has been defined by the drive to open up the west. Is it any coincidence that America ended its policy of isolationism at the same time that it conquered the Wild West?

The USA is brilliant at space exploration and rubbish at managing other countries, so it makes sense for America to seize this historic opportunity and divert its energies into the harmless pursuit of colonising the moon and sending a manned mission to Mars. However, as a patriotic Englishman I insist that a British astronaut is involved. Would it be possible to send Tony Blair into space?

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