Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Plucky Girls

Was childhood ever like this:

"I've some special shopping to do, this morning, my dear," she announced, with quite a sparkle in her fine dark eyes, "It is cook's 'pantry day'. Of course she should have a kitchen maid, but young girls are so difficult to get these days."

"I vote we get hold of her this morning and ask her to be a sport. There are time when I think I'd like to be friends."

After that, Miss Merivale gave them a lesson on tying knots with lengths of rope."

"Would you believe it!" Miss Fraser began. "As I went into the needlework room, I met a strange young woman sneaking out of it and I fortunately had the presence of mind to grab her. It appears that she borrowed your frock, Nancy. She's a daughter of one of our charladies!"

"Oh Ruth, you were a sport to me this afternoon!" she exclaimed. And, "I hope Miss Baxter was impressed by your frock."

"Yes they are very tight Pam," explained Mr Katters. "I want you to think of these clothes as a second skin. You'll soon get used to them and one day, you might be jolly glad that you had them on."


Martin said...

The clothes seem familiar, with the exception of those worn in the last picture.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Somehow I'm strangely disturbed by all of these excerpts.

For children, you say?


lucy joy said...

Oh dear, has Pam fallen victim to the dreaded 'Camel Toe' effect in her tight suit?
My mum, aunt and their mum were just as naughty as me in their youth. How many generations must we go back to find truly angelic girls eh?

George H. said...

This is about aliens, right?

Lucy R. Fisher said...

@lucewoman You're being ironic - I hope.