Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why I'm addicted to the X Factor...

I know it's shameful and I always feel dirty afterwards (and not in a nice way either), but I have become mildly addicted to the X Factor. I don't care who wins the competition. I watch it for moments like this, when a contestant is completely barking. If you're one of the unlucky few who hasn't seen this contestant, you're in for a treat:


John Self said...

It was a fine ending to that edition, wasn't it? I particularly liked her 'get-you' type "Ewwwooooh!" when Simon said something nasty. I am convinced she was channelling the spirit of a dolphin at one point in that opening sequence.

Often I feel bad at watching the unfortunates in these audition shows, particularly knowing that they have been put through the initial dry run in front of assistant producers and are now being allowed to perform for the real panel (though of course they probably thought they would get in front of the panel on the first open audition day), and think it's because the producers reckon they have talent. The whole artifice of the opening weeks stinks, really.

However. I make an exception for cases like this one, as this idiot deserves to be pilloried in public for the rest of her life for such arrogance and rudeness. I have very little but contempt for Simon Cowell, but I felt a huge wave of sympathy for him wash over me when she tried to pull academic rank on him.

John Self said...

Posted the above before I had watched the clip again and forgot the awfulness of most of it. Nice opening gambit with the "I am not a number" thing. (Cardiff, was it, or Portmeirion?) Yes, she must have really worked on that little bit of charm, knowing it would really win over the panel. I'm always flummoxed by folk like this who insist that the panel are wrong ("I've got a degree to prove it") - if you're so good, why do you need the TV talent show which gave us such greats as Steve Brookstein, to succeed?

I see too that her name is Ariel Burdett. That's Ariel Burdett, folks. Watch out for that name on a tumbleweed digital channel near you, selling text interaction on the graveyard shift.

I was finally reminded of the Basil Fawlty line. "You must forgive my wife. Her finishing school was bombed."

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Link has gone dead now, but I can imagine!

Dear oh dear, we are reverting to 18th C nobility visiting the local asylum at weekends to laugh at the inmates being poked with sharp sticks.

Mind you in defence of the 18thC nobility, they didn't have a telly!

And I'm a fine one to talk with my makeover show addiction.

However I do hate the pre-determined end of these shows as well - there is no *competition* about it as the best don't make such compelling telly so you sprinkle them sparingly through the series and the most freakish (with enough talent so's it's not too obvious they are being picked for their freakery) only get as far as they do to boost ratings.

Steerforth said...

I've posted a new link, which I hope works.

I also feel uncomfortable about the freakshow aspect, particularly when some of the contestants are clearly either mentally ill, retarded or on the autistic spectrum. However, it's very satisfying watching arrogant, deluded people without any talent get their comeuppance.

The other satisfying aspect of the show is seeing people like Rachel get a chance to 'make mah life be'aah and make mah kids prahd o' me.' I'm rooting for her.