Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Present Imperfect

Many thanks to the people who have posted kind comments about the last post. I wasn't expecting anyone to notice my stealthy return to this blog, so I'm touched by the response.

Two years ago I decided to finish this blog and try something new on Wordpress, as I thought that it would enable me to create something more impressive. I went through the process of signing up, buying a domain name and even read a guide to Wordpress. However, I was like one of those people who think that buying a pencil and a sketch pad will make them an artist.

I managed a year with the new blog - 'Present Imperfect'. I hadn't quite turned it into the multimedia spectacular that I'd envisaged and my disappointment gradually turned into total inertia.

However, I was stirred into action a couple of days ago, as my domain name expired and the company that hosted the new blog shut it down. I won't bore you with the finer details, except to say that restoring Present Imperfect would be a complicated process and, more importantly, cost me £75 - money that I'd rather spend on a kite or a hunting horn.

I thought that the posts on the new blog had disappeared into the ether, but the html is still on Wordpress, so I'm gradually moving the material over here. In between transferring posts (which involves a tedious resizing of images), I will try to add something new.

I return to Blogger like an errant husband, after an affair with a younger woman. I thought that Wordpress would inject a new potency into my blogging, but instead I discovered that I didn't have the energy to keep up with its demands. While I dallied away, Blogger patiently waited for me to come home, older and wiser.


Tororo said...

Dear Steerforth, I'm so happy to read from you, again!
Don't worry, present always is imperfect, always has been: that's the reason why somebody invented this thing called the future.

Anonymous said...

If that £75 is important to you (and why wouldn't it be?) why not set up a crowd funding page, I am confident that you would not be out of pocket for long. I am so happy that you are back writing again.

Erika said...

It's a bit like a flirtation with e-book readers - entertaining for a while, but really? I'm always going to go back to paper. Lovely to have you back!

Travellin' Penguin said...

Yes, do return! I have always enjoyed your writing, wit and photos 🤠🐧

Steerforth said...

Tororo - It's good to see your name again.

Toffeeapple - In truth, saving £75 is just a good excuse to return to a familiar place.

Erika - Moving house, last year, made me realise that I didn't want to have to move several thousand books again, so I'm now trying a combination of paper and e-books.

Travellin' Penguin - Thanks for your kind words Pam.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see you back, whatever the platform (although as someone who's used both Blogger and Wordpress, I don't have a problem with the latter!) :D


Ace said...

Now I know why I didn't delete "Age Of Uncertainty" from my RSS feed. Welcome back.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Great to have you back Steerforth. I foolishly started a Wordpress website for a heritage charity I volunteer for only to find it FAR harder to use than blogger and not necessarily any better. I have no idea why people rave about Wordpress - I find it hard to use and quite limited unless it is designed for web developer to understand it. It also does some bizarre things such as refusing to let you amend and save side bar widgets unless you write everything on word and then copy and paste and finally save.
Anyway mine has occasionally had longer absences than I would like when other things intervened but I still love blogger.

James Russell said...

Now here's a strange coincidence... I'm writing about Ravilious watercolours again and just did a Google search to see if there was anything out in the ether. A link took me to your blog, and here you are just returned from exile at Wordpress. I'm afraid my blogging has deteriorated in the face of other work demands - I use instagram as it doesn't involve writing! Hope all is well with you and your family.

Kid said...

As the others say, good to have you back.