Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Age before beauty

This is the enduring image I have of Richard Yates whenever I read his novels. Most publicity shots feature Yates in his sixties, looking like a hairier, unhappier incarnation of Gore Vidal.

Thank you to the Guardian for publishing, last weekend, this photo of the young Richard Yates, when he still had something to smile about:


Sara said...
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Sara said...

Cripes! I had no idea that he was so handsome. Ah, blooming age, aging us all. I weep for my looks, and his.

; )

Lucy Fishwife said...

It's a bit like Chet Baker, isn't it? I remember at college we all had a huge crush on him after hearing "My Funny Valentine" only to find that age (and, er, heroin) had turned him into a wizened old weasel long before his time... Not that one could say the same of Richard Yates, who simply looks the way people do at his age.. ahhh I'll shut up now.