Thursday, August 16, 2012

101 Uses For a French Banger - Part One

As if in response to yesterday's post about children's play, my son showed me a YouTube video that his friend had made a couple of weeks ago.

Now this is what I call fun:

Obviously it wouldn't have been such fun if someone had been blinded or cut by one of the shards of flying glass, but both boys observed the time-honoured health and safety recommendation: light the fuse and run like hell!

Some of my fondest childhood memories involved doing highly dangerous things with lighter fuel, Jif lemons and string.

My mother doesn't recall the period with quite the same nostagia.


Canadian Chickadee said...

As a boy, my husband used to stick firecrackers into tomatoes and lob them over the hedge at the girls in the lane who were on their way to the girls' school in St. Albans. And yet today, to look at him, you'd wouldn't think butter would melt ... to use another cliche, still waters run deep!!

Brian Busby said...

Well, I suppose the time has come to admit it: I didn't wear a bicycle helmet as a child... and I played with lawn darts. Don't ask about my wood burning kit or the chemistry set

nilly said...

Hope they didn't rip that trampoline safety net!

tim footman said...

"Rectum? Blew 'em to bits!"


Rog said...

I hope you realise that by condoning and even celebrating this behaviour you are taking away the essential illicit satisfaction. It's the equivalent of lumbering onto their dance floor in a few years time and shouting "This has hot a good beat" while you perform a Chubby Checker pression.

Steerforth said...

There's a clear consensus here, but as Rog points out, we mustn't embarrass the younger generation by endorsing their behaviour.

I hope that Brian lectures the young on the dangers of cycling without a helmet.

Brian Busby said...

Will do... and after a quater century I now have the law on my side (at least in this corner of the globe).