Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Spaced Out

This has got to be the weirdest story of the year - a Space Shuttle astronaut called Captain Lisa Nowak has been arrested for the attempted murder of a woman she perceived as a love rival.

Nowak fell in love with fellow Shuttle astronaut, Commander William Oefelein, during their training. Sadly they never experienced love in zero gravity together. Novak's mission was last July whilst Oefelein's was a few weeks ago. However, according to Nowak they developed an association that was 'more than a working relationship but less than a romantic relationship'.

Unfortunately for mother of three Nowak, she had a rival called Coleen. When Novak discovered that Coleen was flying to Florida to visit Oefelein, she jumped in her car and drove the 1000 miles from Houston to Florida so that she could intercept Coleen at the airport. When I say jumped, it wasn't actually that spontaneous. In fact Nowak found time to equip herself with a wig, dark glasses, trench coat and pepper spray. But most bizarrely of all, she wore a nappy.

Nowak was so determined to reach Florida in time to confront her nemesis that she wore a nappy to avoid loo breaks. Yuk!

At the airport Nowak found Coleen, attempted to get in her car and used a pepper spray when he requests were refused. Coleen very sensibly called the police and now someone who was a hero six months ago now finds themselves in the very real danger of being sent to prison. All very odd.

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