Monday, October 16, 2006

From the Blogosphere...

I have to keep reminding myself that only half of the USA voted for George Bush and that the outcome of the next election isn't a foregone conclusion. Web sites like this one help. It was set up by a 12-year-old American boy called Caleb Hayes who is clearly going to go far. Not content with managing one successful web site, he has also established one for young Americans who are politically aware but aren't old enough to vote.

My favourite political blog is A Tedious Existence, which describes itself as the banal meanderings of a poor green-skinned bald man who is interested in finding some semblance of meaning in this sick world.

Three other blogs that have caught my attention are The Tart of Fiction, a consistently thought-provoking read, Debi Alper, a writer's blog that is consistently witty and incisive and Gonzie's Bedroom which, despite his claim that he is boring in the morning and dull over lunch, is never anything other than a fascinating and eclectic mix that is always worth visiting.

*NB - Sadly, A Tedious Existence has now disappeared from the blogosphere (19.11.06)


Goncalo Veiga said...

Hehe! Thanks for the note, that was very kind of you. I, too, come here to check up on your blog quite often as well. I'll be adding you to my links - it's so much faster than the whole process of typing a-g-e-o-f-u-... ;)

And, I'm being honest: I've really been trying to make some use out of myself in those sleepy and hazy mornings but, no, can't do! If Wilde in The Picture of Dorian Gray said that "only dull people are interesting in the morning" who am I to contradict him?! It shouldn't be that bad!

Debi said...

Oh I've only just spotted this! Thanks. And thanks again. (Which is hardly witty and incisive but says what I need.)

You've been linked!